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Create your campaign

Add videos from YouTube, Facebook, or your website.
Pick the thumbnail and title to show.
Set your bid price and pick your targeting.

Your video is recommended

Once a video in our network is completed,
your video is suggested to the user
using your thumbnail and title.

New users watch your video

When a user clicks on your thumbnail,
they are sent to your website or YouTube
to watch the video.

Who can use Vidiply

  • YouTubers
  • Brands
  • MCNs
  • Publishers

Gain real subscribers by driving visitors straight to your videos on YouTube. Grow your channel by attracting real users that really want to watch your videos.


Maximize the reach of your content marketing. Target your audience based on video category and location. Pay only for genuine users that click on your videos. You won’t have to waste your marketing dollars on fake clicks ever again.

Create multiple campaigns for each of your channels. Efficient video seeding by having your videos promoted on thousands of sites. You’ll pay only for genuine clicks.


Drive real users straight to your videos. Whether your video is posted directly on your site or it has been uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, Vidiply will lead visitors to your content.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Run split A/B tests and optimize creatives based on your goals.

Measure impressions, clicks, and costs for all existing campaigns.

Manage your campaigns at any time from any device.

Targeting and Bidding

Target your videos based on category and country

Set the maximum price per click

Only pay when a user clicks to watch your video

Stop wasting money on autoplay views.

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